Castle Rush Here Defender Idle defense Apk (Mod Unlimited Money)

Castle Rush Hero defender Idle defense – classic action-strategy, offering the player to become a defender of his own castle. Using all available resources and combat units, the user will have to defend the fortress against the penetration of enemy army through the gate. To reflect the enemy attack and to win, the gamer must skillfully arrange the heroes able to fight at a distance, on the walls. In addition, he will have to produce in the field of armed knights and warriors. After each battle wards can and should be improved to increase the probability of a positive outcome in future battles.

Information Castle Rush

Castle Rush Here Defender Idle defense Mod Apk

Castle Rush Here Defender Idle defense Mod Apk

Tower defense, hero defender, castle defense, monster invader, magic, superb weapons,… everything you want for a defense game is converging into Castle Rush.

It is a brand new gameplay of tower defense. With medieval theme, a bit of magic and fantasy, Cash Rush brings you the most exciting defense game experience right on your mobile phone. All you have to do is upgrade your hero, build tower, enhance your defensive line, enjoy the idle war between your troops and enemies.

Be brave, get ready for hundreds of attacking waves approaching. There is no way out: Destroy enemies before they get close to your castle.

Features in game

Castle Rush Here Defender Idle defense Mod Apk

Castle Rush Here Defender Idle defense Mod Apk

  • Classic & unique defending gameplay
  • Performing war automatically
  • Free daily reward every day
  • 10+ hero defenders with distinctive defensive style
  • Build your own castle defense
  • Not just hero, weapon should also be established
  • Unlimited waves of attacking from the enemies

Download Castle Rush Mod Apk

Castle Rush Apk (Mod Unlimited Money)
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