Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG – fascinating role-playing game with retro graphics. In this game, players will control a squad of mercenaries tasked to destroy all the monsters to protect the planet. Version MOD Unlimited Money will give you can buy free weapons in the store.

Information Dead Shell Roguelike RPG

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk

Blaster-wielding mercenaries vs beasts from the labyrinth: who will win? You’re commanding a die-hard assault squad. Destination: Plutonia, a settlement on a Doom-4 class planet. Shuttle cargo: a range of lethal weapons, from axes and chainsaws to blasters and BFGs. Anything might come in handy in Plutonia, the Federation’s most remote colony.

Scientists, miners, guards – all sorts of civilian personnel worked there until recently. A week ago, the Center received a mayday signal from the settlement. Demonic roars and screams of terror filled the comm channel, and then it fell dead silent.

Fight to protect the planet

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk

Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk

It’s time to descend into the infernal abyss and show the demons who’s the boss here. Fight your way through all the circles of hell to reach the very bottom. Look cosmic evil in the face and emerge victorious.

In it the player will control a team of mercenaries that are destroying the monsters that destroy the planet. This unit will go to the dungeon, where they live, their enemies. Dark mazes will be randomly generated, so the user should avoid getting the heroes into dangerous traps. For each destroyed enemy gamers will receive a handsome reward that can be spent on purchasing new weapons.

Features in game

  • A new dungeon every time
  • Hellish bestiary
  • Full range of weapons
  • Elite mercenaries
  • Level up your squad

Download Dead Shell Roguelike RPG Mod Apk


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