Zombie City Survival Mod Apk

Download Zombie City Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Zombie City Survival – action zombie third-person shooter which will unfold in the city that have experienced infection with the virus. The player will control one of the survivors, who need to get out of this place. To do it alone would be problematic, so the hero must find the other survivors. With them the character they put together a team and increase the chances of success. MOD Unlimited Money version will give you a lot of money to upgrade weapons and equipment.

Information Zombie City Survival

Zombie City Survival Mod Apk

Zombie City Survival Mod Apk

This is a city that has been invaded and destroyed by zombies. Living in the city means that it will be infected sooner or later. To survive, you must arm yourself and escape from this dangerous city. In this city that has been covered by death, hesitation and kindness are the same as death. What you need to do is to keep shooting and kill all the zombies in your vision.

Timely replenishment of ammunition, placement of fire-fighting devices, endless fighting is the only choice. To achieve the objective, the gamer will be able to use a wide Arsenal of firearms, scattered barrels of gasoline and other useful things like tanks and other equipment.

You are one of the last survivors

Zombie City Survival Mod Apk

Zombie City Survival Mod Apk

There are several survivors in this abandoned city. You are not a savior, so you need their help to escape the city. Look for these survivors, fight alongside them and form a doomsday survival team. Food, weapons and DNA supplements are essential to ensure survival, and if you can find items such as gasoline, first aid kits, generators, etc., you may be able to further improve and improve your quality of life.

In this difficult journey of survival, you will also receive many surprises. When many zombies hit, use the petrol barrel left by the corner to clear out an open space in the explosion. Thus fleeing the zombie’s encirclement; accidentally found a dilapidated tank, after you and your teammates cover each other and fight for a certain time to repair the tank, this weapon will use your powerful firepower to protect you and destroy the zombies; in a few fine weather, the airdrops will be distributed to this abandoned city, you need to grasp this precious opportunity, try to collect these materials, fully arm yourself and improve your combat effectiveness.

Features in game

  • HD realistic battle scene
  • Rich and true story dialogue
  • Powerful and comprehensive achievement system
  • Diversified equipment and skill system
  • Free and refreshing third person shooter

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