Download Jetpack Jump Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Jetpack Jump – a cool arcade game with minimalistic graphics in which the user will manage the long jumper. The main character wants to break all records, so it is used when performing jumps jetpack. To help him achieve maximum results, a player needs during the run time to press the screen, then the jetpack will start its work. The Mod Unlimited Money version will give you lots of gold coins to upgrade.

Information Jetpack Jump

Jetpack Jump Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Jetpack Jump Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Fly high in Jetpack Jump to reach new places waiting to be discovered! Tap to Jump on the mark and soar into the sky, make sure you use all your jetpack fuel to go the distance. Upgrade your jetpack and your running speed to be able to travel further than before and beat your high score. The further you travel the more money you get.

The jetpack has a limited amount of fuel, so it is important to use it effectively. Success will earn a lot of gold and buy various improvements that will allow each time to improve the record.

Guide play

There’s a couple ways to get coins in the game. The first is to just not play the game! That’s right, when you are away from the game you will generate coins. You can upgrade this skill as well, but I’d probably not recommend that. It’s not going to get you a ton of coins unless you are really staying away from the game for long periods of time. If you want to play pretty regularly, then you’ll not to want bother with that skill.

The best way to get coins is to triple your coins after you finish a round in the game. You are rewarded with a certain amount of coins once you’ve completed a jump, then you are given the option to sometimes either double or triple the amount of coins you’ve earned. You will always want to wait for the triple option to appear, and then go ahead and do that. This will run an ad which you can ignore. You only get to do this a limited amount of times per day, so keep doing it until it no longer allows you!

How to get a high score

Jetpack Jump Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Jetpack Jump Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

The key to getting a high score is mainly just upgrading your Jump and Jetpack skill to their highest level. You can mostly only get these upgrades with coins, but sometimes the game will throw the ability to watch an ad for an upgrade. If that happens, be sure to go ahead and take advantage of that. You’ll want to grind up coins, which has you playing the game a lot to gather them.

So, you’ll need to upgrade your abilities, but what else do you need to do? To do this, be sure to tap to jump once you come across the starting line for a perfect start. When you are about to hit the ground to jump again, make sure to watch the white circle on the ground! A yellow circle will appear, and once that merges with the white circle, that will be exactly when you want to tap (maybe a bit before it merges together). This will give you a perfect jump. On the third tap, you will want to do the perfect jump but also hold down the tap so you will use all of your jetpack fuel! That will give you the final bit you need to get the maximum amount of distance from your jump.

Download Jetpack Jump Mod Apk – Hack Money


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